Digital Tools Company Limited was established in 2012 to develop IT infrastructures and management information systems for the exclusive use of JFU Consultants. JFU now enjoys the capability of managing each individual staff member’s work-related time management, portfolio of duties, active engagements and firmwide production matrix on a real time basis across all offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Vancouver.

Digital Tools Company Limited is grateful for having been approved in 2018 to join the Cyberport community and now works with JFU to develop technology and solutions for helping clients digitize their risk and tax management.

On 6 September 2023, we obtained from the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department a patent grant for an invention used in tools that we create for enterprise risk management.

We believe that the invention will revolutionize enterprise risk management practice. This achievement marks a significant milestone for our team and reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence in our profession.

For further details about the invention, please refer to our article titled “A Key to Unlocking the Power of Modern Enterprises” which explains how we came up with the invention and problems it solves. The following is an introduction and value propositions of IPC-ERM, an AI-assisted system that we created with the invention.

IPC-ERM brings together the synergy of human insight and AI. The real magic happens when we combine human intuition with AI’s articulate communication, transforming instincts into actionable insights…efficiency is astonishingly improved.

Solution Benefits and Value Propositions

In a rapidly evolving landscape, setting informed objectives, managing risks, and orchestrating their realization is paramount for optimizing results and enterprise value.

Our integrated solution, combining the strengths of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Information Planning and Control (IPC), offers a holistic approach tailored for modern organizations that understand the intricate relationship between risk, productivity, and enterprise value.

Firstly, with our ERM component, your organization is better positioned to safeguard its core mission and objectives by proactively identifying and managing potential risks.

  • Collaborative Risk Management: Enable teams to focus on domain-specific risks, reducing potential pitfalls and costly disruptions.

  • People-Driven AI-Powered Risk Engagement: Utilize AI to proactively identify and address risks with simulations and mitigating strategies, ensuring a resilient and stable operational framework.

  • Proprietary Risk Assessment Technology: Our proprietary 'Relative Approach' is a novel innovation that integrates diverse insights, strengthening organizational risk profile and positioning for lower critical risk factor that manifests stakeholder confidence.

  • Adaptability for Dynamic Environments: Respond to changes with a risk assessment strategy that is both agile and relevant.

Simultaneously, our Information Planning and Control (IPC) tool ensures that your top-line and bottom-line values are maximized through precise orchestration:

  • Orchestrate Collaborative Efforts: Define and drive towards operating targets by coordinating engagements and tasks across the organization.

  • Achieve Clear Oversight: Gain real-time insights into performances, ensuring goals are met, and exceeded.

  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Channel resources effectively, bolstering operational efficiency.

  • Drive Accountability and Productivity: With transparent task and action tracking, ensure every unit aligns with and achieves operating benchmarks.

  • Foster Continuous Improvement: Use IPC's comprehensive tracking to continuously refine and elevate your value-creating processes.

By synergistically managing risks and orchestrating actions, our integrated solution positions your organization to realize enhanced enterprise value, solidify advantages and pave the way for sustainable growth.

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