Digital Tools Company Limited was established in 2012 to develop IT infrastructures and management information systems for the exclusive use of JFU Consultants. JFU now enjoys the capability of managing each individual staff member’s work-related time management, portfolio of duties, active engagements and firmwide production matrix on a real time basis across all offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Vancouver.

Digital Tools Company Limited is grateful for having been approved in 2018 to join the Cyberport community and now works with JFU to develop technology and solutions for helping clients digitize their risk and tax management.

Every organization is operating in the midst of changes and uncertainties. Risk is defined as the effect of such uncertainties on the achievement of an organization’s objectives. Risk management emphasizes on developing strategies in response to changes and delivering performance amidst uncertainties. With effect from 2016, Hong Kong regulators have made it a mandatory requirement that the board of all listed companies has the duty to direct its management to design and implement appropriate risk management and internal control systems. It is our view that all organizations should look beyond the regulatory requirements and truly understand the benefits that such systems can bring about as the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. Those who manage risks well not only out run their rivals in the fiercely competitive markets but protect the interests of all their stakeholders and even save the lives of their customers and employees. Digital Tools Company Limited in collaboration with JFU aims at helping clients deliver such benefits with technology and innovative solutions.

13 September 2021
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