Tax is a necessary cost and has two important aspects. Firstly avoiding the downside of non-compliance risks and secondly maximising business profit and cash flow. Balancing the effects of these two opposing considerations is the process of tax optimisation and the object is to enable business to pay tax strictly according to law - no more, no less. More importantly, it should provide certainty so management can focus on market opportunities without having to worry about back tax adjustments, penalties and other disruptive consequences.

Tax optimisation requires a clear understanding of relevant tax laws, related legal rules and policy environment. It also entails a detailed understanding
of a business in order to evaluate how the impact of
tax may fall on an operation or transaction.

JFU Consultants' approach is to work closely with clients to gain a full understanding of their business objectives, contextual and transaction details in order to achieve tax certainty and the best possible tax position for an operation.

We assist clients in implementing controls to ensure smooth and methodical compliance of tax obligations to avoid non-compliance risks. In addition, we help clients conceptualise market opportunities as tax efficient business moves, devise plans and structures for implementing moves and modelling
the intended business to explore and identify best options.
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